Examples of social commerce



While talking about social commerce, we must admit that a person, who will work
with social media, must work with many variations. Searching through the
Internet, we can find so many social commerce examples. There are good and bad
variants, beautiful and terrible formations. Everything depends on an approach, so
to see a result of your work, you should do everything right.

The most popular social media for social commerce is Facebook. Many people
prefer to use it because it`s easy to contact with the others, find important
information with the keywords and distribute your goods.

Facebook content calendar

This phrase is very important for those who are interested in social commerce and
want to have income from it. Everyone makes his own Facebook content
calendar depending on his own abilities and authority. Sometimes people can`t
write one post per day, so they could make the calendar to have the strong number
of posts per week or per month.

One post per day

This formula is very simple and profitable at the same time. Your subscribers will
see the information every day, and they will understand a few things about you:
 You don`t have problems with posts.
 You will be able to communicate with clients.
 You are not cheating.


Important detail in your Facebook content calendar. Remember that hashtags
could help you to gain more subscribers and clients. People often use hashtags
while searching for something, so you can use it. It`s one of Facebook`s advantage,
so why not use it?

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