Several steps from Blogger to WordPress blog

You are on the right track if you’ve decided to gain more pwer over your resource. Despite the popularity of Blogger, sooner or later most of the online readers want to see their blog more independent. That’s where WordPress can demonstrate its capabilities to the full extent. Basically, there are several simple steps to be taken for those who are moving from Blogger to WordPress. By the way, this migration can be achieved with keeping all the Google rankings.

How to make it possible?

The first thing to be done is to create an account with a third-party host. Unlike Blogger, a third-party host does not take over your online content, so you remain the only owner. After you choose a proper online hosting and open up a personal account, a well-readable domain name needs to be set up.

When you are finished with all the preparations, you start transferring your blog content to the platform. Luckily, the platform has a special tool that is eligible for this kind of procedures. You can start by visiting Import page, where you create permalinks and redirects to potential readers. The last step is to import your visualities to the platform library. That’s it! As fast and easy as it can be.

If you’re an experienced blogger, you’ve surely gained your army of followers. Thus, don’t forget to inform your readers about the upcoming changes so they can replace their bookmarks. There is also an opportunity to set up an automatic redirection by replacing your old web address by a new one in the Redirect URL file. Make sure you keep your old blog active, otherwise all the redirected links will stop working.

I bet you have some greater plans for your blog. Thus, you might want to invest in a proper hosting service. Having completed control over your web resource, you obtain the entire spectrum of endless opportunities. Whether you decide to create your website by means of Google Webmaster tools or simply upgrade your theme and customize it, your blog will become a brand-new expression of your creativity.

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