What you need to know about WordPress?

Have you ever heard that almost 5% of the entire Internet content is covered by WordPress? Being the market leader over the last several years, this platform remains the first choice tool for most web specialists. This tool was initially introduced as a blogging platform, but its functionality was significantly broadened in a matter of time. These days, the platform is applied to e-commerce, marketing, and even online courses. I bet you’ve asked yourself at least once what is so great about this platform and why people keep choosing it. Let’s try to solve this riddle!

What’s the trick?

The first thing that attracts potential users is the characteristics and functionality of an open-source platform. There is an entire developer community standing behind maintenance of the platform and implementation of the constant updates. Most of the plugins can be downloaded and installed anytime without any extra costs and with unlimited validity. Currently, there are over 39,000 affordable plugins that can be obtained in the official directory. This number does not include extra fee options which can boost the functionality of your website to the maximum.

The second thing that may be crucial for web professionals is the SEO responsibilities which are kindly taken by the platform. Thus, you can provide as many parameters as you need so that the website ranks in search results will be considerably enhanced.

In addition, there are more than several hosting platforms which enable a fast and simple installation. This means you can get a ready for use website within a single day. No wonder, this platform is so popular among both experienced developers and beginners.

When you come up with the decision to create your own web content you’ll be surprised to find plenty of opportunities. You may waste much time while narrowing down to a single solution. At this point, it’s worth having a look at WordPress. Being the biggest and most efficient community, WordPress is striving day by day to improve its user-friendly features.

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