Why Startups Choose WordPress

Even the brightest start-up ideas require their smart representation on the Internet. A catchy and attention-worthy website is the most effective tool to introduce your products and services to the internet audience almost instantly. Thus, it is absolutely challenging yet important to use a platform which is powerful enough to deliver versatility and high customizability – all in one place. Thus, the proper CMS needs to be applied to reach the desired result. WordPress is widely considered one of the most convenient CMS platforms that is covering 20% of the world’s websites. Let’s run down your WordPress choice.

Easy to install

Most business beginners do not have technical competence which makes them rely on professional coders and testers to get their website functioning. That’s why WordPress turns out to be a perfect fit. You just need to get a domain, host it under a plan, and proceed with an automatic installation of the platform from the CPanel. After you install a design concept, the website is already hosted. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In addition, there are plenty of tutorials in the Internet providing detailed guidelines for WordPress users. So, the entire process will take up to two hours, regardless of your technical and coding skills.

No budget required

The majority of start-up owners have limited funding which makes it hard for them to reveal the potential of the upcoming project. WordPress is an open-source, meaning there are no fees you should worry about. All updates, themes, as well as multiple plugins in the platform directory, can also be accessed for free. Thus, you can focus on other expenses like domain name, hosting, or customization.

WordPress can be described as less complex and robust than other CMSs available in the market. Being around for almost ten years, this platform gained a good reputation and endless popularity in the Internet community. Whatever your start-up business is, WordPress is smart enough to fix it for you.

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