WordPress as an open-source CMS

These days, many web developers are still afraid to use open-source CMS beause of lacking tecnical support and security. This might be true for some software, but CMS is a completely different story. You are definitely familiar with the fact that WordPress is also an open-source tool, but do you really know what hides behind this term? Let’s try to figure it out together!

Modern CMS can make even an average user act as a web specialist thanks to an advanced functionality. The availability of the source code in such platforms leaves the entire control in your hands so you can make any updates by yourself.

Having your webpage based on this type of platform means that a private company cannot delete your content without a proper reason and permission. Thus, your chances to lose any content after publishing are reduced to the minimum. Unlike some other open-sources, thıs platform gives you the complete ownership over your online posts, images, and videos.

Its technical characteristics involve easily switchable themes, clean and readable permalinks, and the ability to assign nested categories to posts. The last option allows to see the same content on two separate pages while having only one article edited. In addition, there is no need to upload extra tools, as the platform is independent enough to create websites without external help. However, there are some free dırectory plugins which can be obtained to improve some qualities of the platform. For example, slideshow, contact forms, and SEO optimization are only some of the possible options to consider.

Fınal Verdict…

WordPress is well-known as a blog engine, but it can be not less effective as a CMS tool. Its flexibility appeals to experienced users and fresh beginners. Being secure, intuitive, and completely free, thıs platform strives to make life easier for bloggers, coders, and average users.

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